Making a sparkled background

Create a new transparent image 100x100.

Fill with color, texture or gradient of your choice. I have used my own gradient #24. You can find them on this page too.

Use these settings:

Duplicate this image 2 times - CTRL+D. End up with 3 seperate images.

Add noise on each image with these settings:

Save the images as seperate jpg-images. For example gold_01.jpg - gold_02.jpg and gold_03.jpg. Remember where you have saved them.

Launch Animation Shop.
Click File - Animation Wizard.
Follow the steps below.

1. Same size as the first image frame checked. Click next.
2. Transparent checked. Click next.
3. Centered in the frame - With the canvas color - Scale frames to fit - all checked. Click next.
4. Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely checked.
How long do you....... 15. (Lower number = faster. Higher number = slower). Click next.
5. Add your 3 images here. Click next.
6. Done.

You should now end up like this:

Save your animation.

Congratulations - you have now completed the tutorial.

If you had any problems finishing this tutorial - please email me.

This tutorial is one of Creations.
You are welcome to link to my homepage, but this tutorial may not be copied, translated or redistributed without my permission.


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