I’m having fun making this page, and I don’t want to offend anyone by using their art, pictures or anything else.

In case there is copyright that I’m not aware of, then please contact me, and I will accept your terms for using or not using your artwork.

I just want to thank all, that have made this page possible.

Regards from Winnie

Følg reglerne på de enkelte sider.
Venligst link tilbage til mig, hvis du ønsker noget fra min side, så andre også får muligheden for at bestille. :-)

En speciel tak til Helle som har lært mig at bruge PSP.

Terms of use
Follow the rules on the pages.
Please link back to me, if you want some from my site, so others also gets the chance to order. :-)

A speciel thanks to Helle, that has tought me how to use PSP.